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Your Pinterest page is where your prospects (inbound visitors) get to see you and know you for the first time. The featured boards on your page must make a good first impression, just like a website homepage; so give your best material out of the gate.

Showcase your best pictures, graphics, and important business information front and center. Make it clear that you are the expert in your field; be informative, engaging and inviting.

You are setting the tone moving forward with your content so make sure it’s consistent with your brand image.

When setting up your account, you’ll be asked to associate your profile with a Twitter account or your Facebook account. You might want to associate your Pinterest profile with the most trafficked of the two.

Your about section should include a well written description about your company. I suggest inserting your website’s URL and keywords for search engine optimization purposes (SEO). Even better, with the integration of Facebook and Twitter, you can automatically post pins to your timeline and Twitter page

Home screen- On your home screen you’ll see a timeline feed with recent items that other users have pinned. You’ll also see a standard set of tools, including a search bar, “recent activity” log and a set of filters to help narrow the results that are visible on your page.
The home screen gives a quick snapshot of what’s happening in the world of Pinterest, who your followers are, who’s re-pinning your content (pay attention to this specifically) You are also given a filtering feature that allows you to view results from pinners you follow, videos, popular pins etc.


Manage your profile and completely fill out your profile to help build client trust; let them know w...


1. Manage your profile and completely fill out your profile to help build client trust; let them kno...

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